Cold coffee, intensified.
And more…

To make a really good cup of coffee, many things must happen prior to the first sip. The farmers, importers, roasters and brewers all have critical hands along the way. And each step must be completed without flaw.

But to Chris Cooper, the cold brew process used for iced coffees resulted in coffee that was less than it could be. So he spent two years in the back room of his small Oakland, California coffee bar searching for the best way to make great coffee that anybody can enjoy at any time, in any place.

The result was a trade secret process that works especially well for coffee that is meant to be served cold. The flavor profile developed is bolder and more robust than cold brewing. It is Cold Coffee, intensified.

While the proprietary process Chris created remains at the heart of many of the products we produce, our capabilities have been expanded beyond just coffee drinks to include beverages that may require carbonation, pasteurization or nitrogen.

For beverage companies requiring small batch production, or for early stage and entrepreneurial brands looking for low minimum order quantities, Black Medicine Beverages can be the right solution.