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White Tea with Apple, 20 liter keg
White Tea with Apple

White Tea with Apple, 20 liter keg

Your Price: $100.00
Retail Price:$140.00
Your Savings:$40.00(29%)
Part Number:T-K-WhtA
  • Unsweetened:No sweeteners added
  • No Dairy Added:No milk, cream, or other dairy product added
  • 16-week Shelf Life:We recommend drinking before the Best By Date, which is 16 weeks after bottling
  • No Artificial Ingredients:Only natural ingredients used in this product
  • Disclaimer:Despite the name Black Medicine, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
Our White Tea includes apple, raspberry, strawberry, and rose petals. It is low in caffeine and unsweetened, making it fragrant and fruity without any sugar needed. Zero calories.

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