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Lavender Latte, case of 12 cans
Iced Latte

Lavender Latte, case of 12 cans

Your Price: $36.00
Part Number:LL-12x9.5oz
  • Unsweetened:No sweeteners added.
  • Very Strong:About 50% stronger than normal coffee, including 50% more caffeine.
  • No Artificial Ingredients:Only natural ingredients used in this product.
  • 20-week Shelf Life:We recommend drinking before the Best By Date, which is 20 weeks after bottling
  • Disclaimer:Despite the name Black Medicine, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
Introducing Black Medicine's Lavender Latte.
First to market, our Lavender Latte entices all the senses. Slightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and with the tasting notes of lavender flower, caramel and just a touch of stone fruit.
15 grams of sugar per serving, all natural ingredients, non-gmo, and 185 mg of caffeine for your daily, natural boost of energy.
Start your day off both relaxed, and energized. Black Medicine. Cold Coffee Without Compromise.

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