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Iced Mocha, case of 12 cans
Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha, case of 12 cans

Your Price: $36.00
Part Number:IM-12x9.5oz
  • Very Strong:About 50% stronger than normal coffee, including 50% more caffeine.
  • No Artificial Ingredients:Only natural ingredients used in this product.
  • 20-week Shelf Life:We recommend drinking before the Best By Date, which is 20 weeks after bottling
  • Disclaimer:Despite the name Black Medicine, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
  • Highest Quality Ingredients:Subtle sweetness of golden brown sugar, and rich , dark cocoa; a perfect complement to the coffee and smooth, creamy milk.
Iced mocha that doesn't let you forget its coffee roots! We pay equal attention to the coffee and the chocolate, using the very best ingredients that we can find. Cocoa powder used by the best pastry chefs in the world is combined with our unique blend of coffee beans, roasted and brewed to taste their best when served cold. We combine the cocoa and the coffee with whole milk and a modest amount of golden brown sugar. Our iced mocha is ready-to-drink, in an 9.5 ounce aluminum can.
Most other mochas on the market are very sweet. By paying proper attention to bringing out the natural sweetness of the coffee bean, we find that we need to add only a small amount of sweetener to enhance the cocoa.
Our coffee is NOT cold-brewed, we use our own secret brewing process to maximize the amount of flavor and minimize the bitterness. All that we tell people is that we brew it hot, in a pressurized nitrogen atmosphere, in small, carefully-controlled batches.
You may find it to be very strong -- it is about 50% stronger than a normal cup of coffee. You will certainly find it to be refreshing, bold, and complex. Most iced mochas taste like chocolate milk, but Black Medicine Iced Mocha has much more coffee in the formula.

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