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Iced Coffee & Latte

Why does Black Medicine Iced Coffee taste so much better than the competition?
  1. Selection of the beans
    Most roasters will choose beans that are highly optimized to make a good hot beverage. This is not what we do -- we choose particular beans for our blends which work together well to taste good when cold.
  2. Roasting
    Again, the best roast profile for coffee served cold is not the best profile for coffee served hot. For example, we usually find that a lighter roast works better for a cold beverage. Something that might taste a little sour when served hot can taste better with the extra acidity when served cold.
  3. Brewing temperature
    There is a recent explosion in the number of cold brew coffees available. And they all have some of the same flavor notes. This is a result of the brewing yields a distinctive taste. You cannot effectively extract all of the good flavor in the bean when brewing cold...some of the flavor doesn't dissolve into solution at low temperatures. At Black Medicine, we developed a process that allows us to brew at the temperature that is best for the taste, not for what is convenient to manufacture. The result is the ability to extract the maximum in good flavors while minimizing the extraction of the bad flavors.
  4. The atmosphere
    Oxygen is bad for coffee. When you are making a fresh hot cup, it doesn't matter much because you are drinking it right after brewing. But when you are bottling for consumption later, you must do everything you can to keep oxygen from reaching the coffee and degrading it over time. That's why we brew under a nitrogen atmosphere.
We hope you will agree...the result of this attention to detail in brewing iced coffee results in the best-tasting product that is on the market.
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