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Green Tea with Lemongrass, 20 liter keg
Green Tea with Lemongrass

Green Tea with Lemongrass, 20 liter keg

Your Price: $100.00
Retail Price:$140.00
Your Savings:$40.00(29%)
Part Number:T-K-GrnL
  • Unsweetened:No sweeteners added
  • No Dairy Added:No milk, cream, or other dairy product added
  • 16-week Shelf Life:We recommend drinking before the Best By Date, which is 16 weeks after bottling
  • No Artificial Ingredients:Only natural ingredients used in this product
  • Disclaimer:Despite the name Black Medicine, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
Our Green Tea includes lemongrass plus zest from oranges and lemons. It is a medium-caffeine tea, with the recognizable flavor of green tea enhanced by complementary flavors. Unsweetened, zero calories.

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