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Concentrated Coffee, 1 gallon bottle
Black Medicine Concentrated Coffee, 1 gallon

Concentrated Coffee, 1 gallon bottle

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The yield from our Pressure Brewing process is a small batch of wonderfully strong, concentrated coffee. Similar to good espresso, our concentrate has a natural sweetness, a velvet-smooth mouthfeel, and is lacking in bitterness. 

A little bit goes a long way. We use a ratio of 5:1 (five parts water or milk to one part concentrate), which is quite strong. Try a ratio of 4:1 if you want it even stronger, or 7:1 if you want a little less kick. It’s up to you. Mix it with water to make iced coffee, with your choice milk or dairy alternative to make iced lattes, or use it in your favorite cocktail or recipe that calls for a bit of coffee.  

Kept cold, it will stay fresh for up to 16 weeks. We ship 1 gal cartons; enough for 64 to 148 servings, depending on how you use it. 

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