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About Us


Bold things can happen when engineering and physics are combined with a passion for better coffee. Technology entrepreneur Chris Cooper has dedicated himself to developing the best way to brew great iced coffee that can be easily enjoyed any time, in any place and by anyone seeking a more robust coffee experience It is incredibly hard to make a cup of coffee that is really good. Each step in the process must be completed without flaw. From the farmer to the importer to the roaster to the person who brews it, all have critical hands in the process. And too often something goes wrong, leaving you with coffee that is less than it could be.

Black Medicine was developed and refined for two years in the back room of Chris Cooper's small Oakland coffee bar, the culmination of a search to make great cold coffee. We do the hard work of finding the best beans and roasting them to a fine-tuned symphony of flavor. We use our own trade secret process of brewing hot in an oxygen-free environment, then cold pressing to extract the maximum flavor from each bean. This process works especially well for coffee that is meant to be served cold.

The flavor profile we have developed is bold and very intense. It is strong without being bitter, smooth while still having a good edge. It is complex and somewhat fruit-forward. We are able to package it for you in cans that are always kept refrigerated, ensuring that we achieve our goal of making the best possible iced coffee.

Black Medicine is Cold Coffee, Intensified.